Why Musicians Should Be Collaborating More

Last month we had the opportunity to collaborate with one of our good friends from Ohio: Mr. Jackson Boling!  If you don't know this gentleman, you are absolutely missing out.  He is ridiculously energetic, and he has the most infectious laugh I've ever heard.  So imagine that, with an amazing talent and passion for music.  Needless to say, we had a great time during his stay. We even roped him into playing bass for the entirety a four hour gig while he was on vacation. He is truly a legend. 

The night before he left, we put together a cover of "Bring It On Home To Me", one of my favorite songs by Sam Cooke.  If you haven't heard our version, you can listen in the link below. 

As I've had a chance to reflect a little bit on this process and think about all that I've gained from this experience as well as previous collaborations, I wanted to discuss it in today's blog.  So, here are 6 amazing reasons why you need more collaborations in your life! 

1. Audience Sharing

What's better than keeping things fresh for your audience and mixing things up?  If you are looking to expand your audience while also engaging your current one, get cracking on some collaboration projects!  It will surprise your audience with a new sound, and it will engage at least twice as many people!  Put together a killer show with a band you admire or just put together a short video like we did above.  You can cast the net SO much wider if you utilize each other's platforms.  It really does take an army to get music out there, so it helps a ton to get your project shared more times.  Make sure you're collaborating with someone who has an audience that will appreciate the kind of project you're creating to get the most benefit possible.

2. It's FUN!

It is all to easy to become a tortured artist and take yourself WAAAAY too seriously.  When you collaborate with others, it gets you out of your shell a little bit.  Sometimes we all need to just take a step out of our recording studio (or bedroom) and interact with other musicians for a while.  Changing up your typical day and practice routine is incredibly refreshing.  If you're working with a musician that you don't know well, it may end up leading to future work with them or at least result in a possible friendship.  If it's someone you already know, you can't argue with making some great memories and putting them in the books!

3. It Gives You A Creative Boost.

I don't know about you, but I always feel re-charged creatively after getting to work with new faces and see our efforts culminate into something I am proud to stand behind. I leave feeling ready to tackle 10 more projects I had never even considered before. New insight can shift your perspective and allow you to travel down a whole different avenue than you previously thought was possible. 

4. It Forces You To Put Your Professional Face On.

 When you collaborate with others, you want to do your best so everyone ends up looking good and feeling satisfied with the end result. I truly feel like it brings out the best in everyone. Even if you chalk it up to a bit of healthy competition. When we practice or perform in the same way, every single day, some complacency will sneak in. This will put you just enough on edge to push your skills that much harder. 

5. You Establish Creative Common Ground.

I can't tell you how many times I have done collaborative work and thought our styles would not mesh, or that we would not be interested in the same kind of music. However, I am always surprised to discover how similar even complete opposites can be. And hey, even if you have different tastes and approaches, you may end up creating something truly innovative! 

6. It Forces You To "Ship It" and Break Your Procrastination Cycle.

As musicians, we tend to have so many ideas going on all the time, it is hard to pull the trigger on completing a project. When you collaborate, it makes you accountable to another person, so it tends to make you honor your word and get the project out into the world in a timely fashion. Utilize that pressure during collaborations to really "ship" your work and allow the world to see what you're working on! 

There are so many great reasons to collaborate musically.  I have reaped tons of benefit from it and I know you can too!  Let me know in the comments below if I left anything out, or share some of your musical collaborations. Cheers to all, and make sure to subscribe if you want to hear more from us!