What Musicians Can Learn From The Beatles


Although it has been done many times, and many ways we have decided to showcase our very own full length Beatles set this month.  I honestly thought that picking the tunes would be a quick endeavor.  Boy was I wrong.  The Beatles had a giant catalog of tunes that ranged many styles.  Even getting only three people to agree on which ones are “the best” or “the most fun” is a real challenge.  Thankfully the end product is something I’m really excited about.  Since embarking on they venture, I’ve been trying to isolate meaningful takeaways from their career and pinpoint ways to take their lead and carry on their amazing legacy.  Here are a couple of my thoughts on the matter.

1. Always bring your enthusiasm.

The Beatles had a little something special to bring to every performance and it was ABSOLUTELY energy and enthusiasm!  It looked effortless and made everyone in the audience feel special and important for being present at the show. 

2. It’s not what you say, but HOW you say it.

If you have heard the lyrics to “Come Together” or “I Am The Walrus” you know that you don’t even have to make any grammatical sense to sound sexy.  Ooze anything you want through intention. It’s all in the execution of the song.  Just make sure to commit to every choice!

3. Never be afraid to push the envelope or switch up your style.

The Beatles dabbled in a bit of everything.  From standard rock and roll to experimental sounds from foreign countries.  They used every trick up their sleeve and every tool in their tool box.  We often feel as artists that if we change up our style it will confuse our audience or be “off message”.  The thing that unifies your art is that it was made by YOU.  Keep creating, and don’t look back. 

4. Where there are girls, there will be guys.

Hello, Beatlemania!  The men will come around eventually.  Make sure to nurture the ladies in your audience. They are a huge reason why the men come out in the first place- to meet and mingle with the ladies!  I repeat: Where there are girls, there will be guys!

5.Put the time into your craft.

The Beatles used to perform at all kinds of venues for 3-5 hours a night.  I know things have changed a little bit with the onslaught of technology, however there are still MANY ways to engage with your audience on a daily basis.  True art comes after you’ve put in an insane amount of hours into your craft. It's all in those tiny details, and perfecting those details happens by putting your rehearsals through the test of a live performance.

6. It’s cool to kind.

If you have a cause you believe in, chances are your target audience will too!  Always remember that reputations can change in an instant, but keep spreading the love and you’re sure to keep your fans close.  


Thanks for reading!  Let me know other ways (as I know there are many) that The Beatles have influenced you as a musician.  Feel free to subscribe if you want to read more articles like this.