We Are Finally On Spotify!

This is so EXCITING! Go check us out on Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora if you haven't already.  Sometimes I have to take a step back and be satisfied with these tiny steps forward in our project.  Thank you guys so much for listening, and for encouraging us to keep making music!  This is more fun because you are part of it!  Also the 12 year old me is SUPER stoked- because back then, this is what it meant to be successful. Remember when people used to say, "Yeah, my friend is on ITUNES!" And you knew exactly what that meant. They were GOOOD. Well, now anyone can be on iTunes, but I'm still glad to join the ranks.  For many years I was jumping on board other people's projects rather than working to be a part of my own.  Now that I get to put that work out into the world in a small way and add to an artistic dialogue, it is really exciting to me!  We would be so grateful if you would sure to share us with your friends. It takes an army, y'all!  Thanks for being part of ours.