We made another EP! It is entitled "Restless Eyes", and is named for the final track on the album. I think Mandy Mohler helped us capture that sentiment very well with the album art she helped us create.We think she is pretty awesome for dedicating her time to our pursuits.

We owe another big thank you to Jackson Boling for being a musical contributor to our new EP- Restless Eyes. He rocked the solo in "Treat Me Like A Fool" and played on/helped arrange "Believing That You Love Me Too". We appreciate your insight and talent so much!

You may have noticed on our website, we have a new "Upcoming Shows" area. Let us know if you have a venue you would like to see us perform at or want to book us for an event, and we'll try and make it happen. Make sure to check back regularly to see if one of our shows fits into your schedule! We would love to see you all there!



Bye for now! 


Here To Make Friends

Tabitha, Paul, and Nate