Meet Our New Guitarist!

So, we have expanded the band a little bit!  We finally found a guitar player who is randomly also from OHIO!  Who would have thought that I would be outnumbered by Ohio musicians in my home state of Montana?  What are the chances?  And what is even more creepy is that he went to the same university as Paul and grew up just a couple hours away.  Not to mention the fact that they both moved to Montana at almost the exact same time. Life is funny like that.  It gets even stranger still!  All of our birthdays fall on the 13th of our specific birth month.  It’s gonna be really hard to pick a bassist and keyboard player if we keep that trend going…. Here is a little video of him working out a solo for the EP we are currently plugging away at. His name is Nate Slemmer, and he’s as awesome as his guitar skills.  Hopefully you’ll get a chance to chat with him at one of our upcoming shows. Keep checking our website for correct show dates and times.  We’ll keep you posted with more updates about the direction we are headed, but just know that we have something really special planned!