Giant Squid Plays Tiny Ukulele

This Halloween my sister spent about a month making these amazing and elaborate costumes. She compiled paint swatches from several hardware stores and fashioned a paper dress using staples and cardboard in an intricate design. She also handmade a giant squid costume for her husband using tablecloth material, wire, cardboard, and stuffing. Her baby boy modeled a scuba diver outfit, complete with handmade yellow flippers.

They hosted a sweet family photo shoot of them sporting this awesome gear which you can see here.  

Paul and I knew that these handmade costumes needed more airtime. It had taken a month to build them, after all. Ultimately, we came up with a collaborative 'Beatles Themed Halloween Video.' The process was elaborate, tedious, and hilarious. It checked all the right boxes. We also borrowed a tiny piano from a friend and music producer, Kati O'Toole, from her collection of instruments. The kazoo was all we needed to seal the deal. Tell us what you think of how it turned out!