Here To Make Friends: Q&A

Wow! We have reached the point where we have several followers who aren’t just our parents and siblings! It’s probably time you get to know us! We’ve concocted a mock interview of questions that we’ve actually been asked by people since “Here To Make Friends” came into being. Enjoy!


Q: Who the HECK are you guys anyways?

A: We are just a couple of stone cold weirdos who love making music. We recently felt compelled to fill your newsfeed with our creations. :) 


Q: Okay, how did you guys meet?

A: We met while working in a band on a cruise ship in Athens, Greece! On the first day of my contract Paul showed me around the ship. We clicked and the rest is history. I know… we’re corny. 


Q: Why did you decide to do this?

A: After playing a lot of top 40’s music in cover bands, we both wanted to branch out and try a more creative approach. Also, we kind of like each other and it’s fun to make music with people you care about. 


Q: What’s with your band name?

A: Picking out a band name is really tough! One day I was reading a book, and the author mentioned wearing a t-shirt that said “Here To Make Friends” and I thought that was awesome. I checked to see if anyone had that as a band name yet, and they didn’t. We stuck with it because it was honest and on point with our goals.


Q: Who do you think you sound like?

A: Ugh. I hate that question. I also think it’s presumptuous to assume that we sound like anyone who has already gained any musical notoriety. What I will say is that after lots of work we are starting to sound like us. I’m seeing trends throughout our videos, and that makes me happy. 


Q: Why did you choose ukulele and voice?

A: Because it sounds better than drums and voice. Paul is a drummer, but luckily he happens to play a lot of different instruments. Ukulele is easy to cart around to different locations for filming. We also don’t have to amplify anything for our videos, which makes life a lot easier. You’ll hear him rock out on several more instruments when we release our EP. He also makes a mean omelette! Yum. 


Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: Right now we’re just trying to finish a decent EP and find more people who have similar musical tastes as us. I’m also kind of hungry, so lunch is definitely on the horizon.



Thanks guys, for reading a little more about us, and for your continued support! Follow along with us and don’t forget to share us with friends who share your taste in music!