Fool's Errand

We have a new EP just in time for Christmas!!!  Hurray!  I can't even tell you how much work went into this project, but BOY does it feel amazing to be done and to be able to have a tangible product as a result.  Some of these songs really did NOT want to take shape, and we had to tweak so many things during the process.  This EP was created by Paul and I in all of our "free time" spent at home.  Paul did about 90% of the heavy lifting, and I (Tabby) did the fun singing bits and made suggestions along the way.  What can I say about this, though?  It is a smattering of some of our favorite styles and it touches on a lot of different types of love.  Love songs are the best kinds of songs, after all. Give it a listen, and download a free copy! Merry Christmas from us to you.