Believing That You Love Me Too

I always like to provide a little history about our songs. This gem was written by Paul while we were still working on the Holland America Zaandam. Our afternoons on-board were largely filled with lots of retro video games, eating Pringles, and watching movies on my laptop. One day, as I was conquering Super Mario World (yet again), Paul sat on the floor of our tiny cabin and wrote this song. He sang it for me, and I promptly fell in love with it. I probably made him repeat it 10 times that day. We even did a little mock recording of it while were were still on the ship (which was an absolute miracle, because ship noise is CONSTANT!) Someone who was next door to us kept coming and going from their room every two minutes. It must have taken us about fifty takes to get a recording without a giant door slam in it. Last month, we got together with "The OCD Photographer" and made it into a video. I personally love that we shot this right after breakfast, with me still wearing my slippers. Both the creation and execution of this song were both so wonderfully casual. Enjoy!