You Drive Me Crazy

Sometimes a song has a very clear context, and sometimes it's a little more tricky to figure out. When Paul wrote this song, I thought it was about a guy singing to his crazy girlfriend (probably me), ha.  Nope.  This song was written about our little cheerleader that frequents the studio while we are recording - my adorable nephew, Archie. 

He is 8 months old, and couldn't be any cuter if he tried. However, his patience can run thin as we are carting him around from the studio to the office to get work done.  So, one day the hook "Don't you know you drive me crazy" was born.  All thanks to his frequent hair pulling and silly noises.  Sometimes it's the people that you love the most that can drive you the craziest, but all it takes is one little smile from Archie and you're right back on top of the world. 

Enjoy our little video! Thank you for watching!